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  • The Doobie Brothers – Listen To The Music (1975) [HQ]

    Do not give credit to me; the credit is to Sallustus and The Doobie Brothers The Doobie Brothers – Listen To The Music (1975) [HQ] Lyrics: Listen To The Music Tom Johnston Don’t you feel it growin’, Day by day People Gettin’ ready for the news Some are happy, Some are sad Wo, we got […]

  • Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Nightingales & Bombers – As Above So Below (1975)

    Nightingales & Bombers is an album released in 1975 by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. “The title of this album was inspired by a recording made in Surrey, England during the Second World War, by an ornithologist intending to record Nightingales. The bombers flew over at the same time and were recorded by accident. The recording […]

  • FOGHAT – Night Shift 1975

    1975 LP ”NIGHT SHIFT”

  • Peter Frampton – Show Me The Way (Live Midnight Special 1975).avi


  • Pampered Menial – Pavlov’s Dog (1975) Full Album

    Pampered Menial – Pavlov’s Dog (1975) Full Album Side One: 1. Julia (David Surkamp) 2. Late November (Steve Scorfina/David Surkamp) 3. Song Dance (Mike Safron) 4. Fast Gun (David Surkamp) 5. Natchez Trace (Steve Scorfina) Side Two: 1. Theme From Subway Sue (David Surkamp) 2. Episode (David Surkamp) 3. Preludin (Siegfried Carver) 4. Of Once […]

  • Dreams – AMON DÜÜL II (1975)

    Album: Made in Germany Track listing: 1) Dreams 2) Ludwig 3) The King’s Chocolate Waltz 4) Blue Grotto 5) 5.5.55 6) Emigrant Song 7) La Krautoma 8) Metropolis 9) Loosey Girls 10) Gala Gnome 11) Top Of The Mud 12) Mr. Kraut’s Jinx.